Alex Destino


Executive Director: Marketing & Business Intelligence

Alex Destino

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Alex Destino serves as Executive Director: Marketing & Business Intelligence for North Avenue where he is responsible for the marketing and business intelligence functions working closely with the CEO and executive team to develop the marketing plan and take action on insights that he and the team develop.

Alex comes to North Avenue Capital after helping achieve customer success as part of service-oriented, Fortune 100 brands across Healthcare, Financial Services, and Transportation industries.

At Humana, Alex developed and led the digital value program that delivered a key performance measurement framework and set of predictive models designed to maximize customer value with a focus on lead generation and customer acquisition. Alex partnered with Finance to align customer and financial KPIs and gain buy-in, alignment, and adoption of the solution across customer experience teams.

While serving at TIAA as Senior Director, Alex set the Digital Analytics agenda and developed a team of high-impact analytics professionals including an offshore business process outsourcer. He drove innovative intelligence and partnered to improve key integrated marketing initiatives leveraging a blend of competitive data and proprietary solutions. He and his team uncovered key eCommerce opportunities resulting in $16MM annual incremental benefit for the company’s flagship product. During his tenure, Alex was recognized by Forrester for developing analytics governance and performance measurement systems that helped the organization scale their success.

As Customer Insights Director, Alex helped USAA achieve the highest levels of satisfaction in the industry by developing a best in class attribution system that diagnosed key customer service pain points and success drivers across major channels, product, customer, and operational perspectives.

Alex and his wife, Kim, enjoy spending time with their two boys at the beach or exploring the outdoors. They actively attend St. Mark’s Church and volunteer at their sons’ school and local soccer community.