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Financing Available for

Assisted Living
Facility Construction, Refinance, Expansion, & More!

Community Facilities Loan
Program Provides Funds
of $2 Million+

Populations Under 50,000

NAC is a preferred lender with the
USDA Rural Development Program.


Rural Development Loans Funded to Date


New, Ground-Up Construction
Rehabilitation & Renovation

License & Compliance Costs
Working Capital

Buy-Outs & Acquisition

Debt Consolidation & Refinancing
Furnishing & Equipment

Multiple Options for Funding Assisted Living Facilities

NAC's preferred avenue for funding the construction or acquisition of assisted living facilities, the Community Facilities Loan Program is designed to create facilities that provide essential services to rural communities. Such services can include healthcare, childcare, education, public gatherings, utilities, and food distribution, among others. Unlike standard B&I Loans, CF Loans always require pre-application, but offer longer terms (up to 40 years). Towns with populations of 20,000 or fewer benefit from no pre-payment penalties and fixed interest rates. If your project does not qualify for the CF Loan Program, NAC's lending experts will help you evaluate additional programs that may offer a better fit.

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