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Broker Program

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Together, we're helping rural employers and entrepreneurs secure competitive funding with which to build essential facilities, support operational needs, and bolster businesses that traditional lenders often ignore. 

Here, you'll find helpful downloads, links, and answers to frequently asked questions designed to serve you as you serve our mutual customers. 

Useful Links & Downloads

Qualification Map

Enter the project address to find out if it qualifies for the USDA Rural Development Program. *Does not apply for USDA Food Supply Chain Loans.


USDA Regulations

Learn about the geographical, collateral, and other requirements for a USDA Business Loan from North Avenue Capital. 


USDA Rural Energy for America Guide

Understand the program designed to lighten the load of energy efficiency projects.


USDA Food Supply Chain Loan Guide

Learn more about the resources available to participants in the food supply chain. *New Loan Program as of 2021!

USDA Loan Program Comparison PDF

Understand the four programs offered under the Rural Development umbrella. 


Document Request Checklist

Your single roster of documentation and responses we request from your borrower to deem eligiblity to create and present the term sheet. 


USDA Business & Industry Guide

An overview of the USDA B&I Loan program for rural entrepreneurs and employers.


USDA Community Facilities Loan Guide

An overview of the USDA loan program designed specifically for essential facilities.


Credit Release Form

One form is required for each individual loan guarantor.


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