With a growing pipeline and increasing influence in the market, NAC needs strong Loan Architects to structure sound, viable loan packages.  Though predominantly analytical, we want strong, entrepreneurial, purpose-driven men and women that understand complex deals and are committed to leaving no stone unturned in our pursuit of excellence.  Candidates must be familiar with financial statement and investment analysis, capable of managing multiple projects simultaneously, and strong written and verbal communication skills.

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JOB TITLE: Loan Architect
CATEGORY: Full-Time, Salary + Commission
LOCATION: Florida Office
REPORTING TO: Chief Operating Officer

Key Skill Requirements

The skills necessary to be a successful Loan Architect include, but are not limited to:

  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Competent in conveying complex data and structural components to a variety of constituents
  • Goal-oriented, self-disciplined, and consistent in operating with a strong work-ethic
  • Commitment to listening to and understanding the needs of customers
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new things quickly and pay close attention to detail
  • Excels in a team environment with a focus on supporting the mission of the firm
  • Comfortable reviewing, understanding, and analyzing financial statements


At NAC, a Loan Architect is responsible for supporting Commercial Lenders by reviewing borrower information, underwriting, analyzing, and structuring commercial loans, and preparing comprehensive loan application packages for internal and external audiences.  Day-to-day activities include, among other Operational tasks, (1) absorbing copious amounts of information by reviewing financial statements, reading business plans, and evaluating organizational documents, and (2) building loan packages by organizing incoming files, inserting borrower information into NAC and USDA forms, working with Commercial Lenders to establish loan structures, and preparing NAC- and USDA-compliant loan applications.

A Loan Architect must be comfortable with the ever-changing rules and regulations stipulated by the USDA and other supervisory bodies while adhering to the high underwriting standards set forth by NAC.

A Loan Architect is expected to conduct themselves in a professional manner when communicating, verbally and in writing, with colleagues, strategic vendors, borrowers, or any other party with whom they interact.  Interpersonal engagement is a common occurrence and, while electronic communication is heavily utilized, NAC expects all employees to uphold our core values in all interactions.

A Loan Architect reports directly to and is expected to maintain consistent interactions with the Chief Operating Office to report progress, ask questions, receive feedback, etc.


Support Commercial Lenders during the development, cultivation, and culmination of loan opportunities.

Contribute to pipeline reporting on loan opportunities they directly support.

Review and analyze customers’ financial statements and strategy documents to qualify and quantify the viability of future business success.

Effectively engage with the other members of the Operations team, strategic vendors, and other parties as required to assist in gathering the needed documents and materials to successfully underwrite and package loans.

Professionally assemble high-quality loan applications that meet NAC brand standards, comply with the NAC loan policy, and meet the regulatory requirements of the USDA.

Actively participate in community, civic, and public relations activities that support NAC’s mission, values, and brand, developing relationships with strategic partners, prospective customers, and other parties NAC can serve during the normal course of business.

Stay current on existing and new regulations set forth by the USDA and any other relevant supervisory authority.

Understand and comply with NAC policy, laws, and regulations applicable to his or her job duties, including, but not limited to completing training, adhering to internal procedures and controls, reporting any known violations of laws or regulations, and reporting any suspicious customer and/or account activity.

Actively participate in team and companywide meetings, engaging with colleagues in order to contribute to and support the development of NAC’s culture, values, and mission.

Remain flexible and available for other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


Undergraduate degree in Finance, Accounting, or Business Administration, or equivalent business experience.

Two (2) years of mortgage underwriting and/or banking experience or applicable education within the immediately preceding five (5) years preferred.