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Coast to Coast Carports, Inc.| North Avenue Capital Story

Arkansas | Coast to Coast Carports, Inc. | 2023

Ninety-two miles northwest of Little Rock, Arkansas, is the lesser-known city of Knoxville. A town of just 194 households situated along the picturesque Arkansas River, Knoxville sits among the famed Ozark Mountains.


Against a backdrop of natural beauty, Coast to Coast Carports employs 124 with its nationwide business crafting carports and steel buildings for sports, entertainment, food services, warehousing, manufacturing, retail, real estate, and food industries.


Coast to Coast sources customers through its website and network of national dealerships. Its rural location unlocked financing that will allow the brand to continue to grow, enabling a government-guaranteed loan funded by the USDA and facilitated by North Avenue Capital’s band of rural lending experts.


Coast to Coast’s $8 million loan will be used to refinance existing debt, fund a payment reserve, and provide working capital, among other items.


As NAC Vice President Edgar Escobar emphasized, the loan is a classic example of the USDA’s Rural Development efforts.

“Coast to Coast is a fitting example of the sweeping impact of the USDA’s Business & Industry Loan Program – a national brand with a rural manufacturing center that enables competitive funding,” Escobar said. “We are delighted to serve Coast to Coast and its current and future customers across the country.”







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