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Lynx Energy Services | NAC Story

Texas: October 2021 

Just hours shy of the new year in December of 2011, Lynx Energy Services officially became a Texas-based enterprise. The company was formed for a singular purpose: to provide the oil and gas industry with a wide range of equipment needs in both the Texas and New Mexico markets.

Led by three energy industry veterans, Lynx was formed with a mission to cost-effectively develop a wide-ranging oil and gas services business that capitalized on a growing market of drilling operations in the Permian basin of Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.

Building a strong reputation in the competitive energy sector has come at a cost, requiring substantial equity investments and creative, often expensive financing solutions. But given its ongoing success and rural location, Lynx presented a compelling opportunity when it approached North Avenue Capital for more affordable capital to purchase real estate, refinance existing debt, and expand its revenue-generating base of equipment.

With the support of the USDA, NAC provided a $12.73 million government-guaranteed loan to supply Lynx with the funding it needed to take its operations to the next level.

This loan is another remarkable example of the strength of the public-private partnership between the USDA and NAC, and the powerful impact companies like Lynx are having on Americans living and working in rural communities.







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