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Lynx Energy Services | NAC Story

Texas: September 2021 

Just hours shy of the new year in December of 2011, Lynx Energy Services officially became a Texas-based enterprise. The company formed for a singular purpose: to serve the oil and gas industry through flowback and well testing, torque turn services, surface rentals, and equipment rentals in both the Texas and New Mexico markets.


Led by three oil and gas industry veterans, Lynx was formed with a mission to cost-effectively develop a wide-ranging oil and gas services business that capitalized on a growing market for services amidst a ramp-up in drilling in the Permian basin of Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.

Needless to say, such an undertaking was an expensive one. But Lynx’s rural location gave it the upper hand in terms of financing when it approached North Avenue Capital for capital to purchase real estate, refinance existing debt, and purchase essential equipment.


In tandem with the USDA, NAC secured a $12.9 million government-guaranteed loan to supply Lynx with the funding it needed to take its operations to the next level.


The funding reflects a continued commitment to the employees of and rural communities that surround Lynx – not only by the company’s three leaders, but by North Avenue Capital and the USDA.







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