SB Manufacturing

SB MFG is the only 100% scrap-dependent wheel facility in the world.

In the ongoing battle to compete with Chinese manufacturers, SB has a handful of unique advantages.

First, SB manages input costs through its network of scrap metal providers. The experience of SB’s management team allows them to recycle aluminum, adding the right touches of complementary metals, to produce high-quality and cost-effective products.

SB has also gladly invested heavily in its skilled-labor workforce. By training and carefully managing its human resources, SB can keep production lines running efficiently and on schedule.

Innovation and leadership are at the heart of this company’s success. President Michael Bloch's leadership has attributed to that success.

Under Bloch’s direction, SB MFG has built an enviable position as a global manufacturing leader. When asked about his company’s competitive positioning, Bloch has this to say:

“With access to surplus scrap aluminum and state-of-the-art design and production technology in our factory, SB is positioned to compete with China and restore manufacturing prowess in the US.”

In a competitive global market, every edge is important. And for an asset-intensive manufacturing business, access to capital is critical.

SB’s need for capital led Bloch to search for a funding partner who could share his vision for growth. That search led Bloch to establish a relationship with North Avenue Capital (NAC).

According to Michael,

“Finding the right firm to help us reorganize our capital structure was key to freeing us up to execute our business plan and grow the company.  NAC caught the vision and has become that partner, allowing SB to stay laser-focused on proudly producing high-quality wheels right here in the USA.”

Drew Louis, Commercial Lender with North Avenue Capital, led the underwriting effort and commented,

“North Avenue Capital is excited to partner with SB in strengthening manufacturing here in the United States. This is a talented team of savvy businesspeople and metal-workers, and we’re honored to stand behind them as they put Americans to work and compete on the global stage.”

Today, SB MFG has an exclusive licensing agreement with NASCAR® as well as a growing direct sales business.  The company is seeing increased demand among US distributors.

The company’s new long-term debt structure now gives Bloch and his team the freedom to focus on the manufacturing business. As a result, SB Mfg has positioned itself to grow its domestic market share and show the world that the US is a serious player on the global manufacturing stage.


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