North Avenue Capital (NAC) is growing our team by opening up educational opportunities for students pursuing a 4-year degree at any state-affiliated college across the country. We are seeking strong, entrepreneurial, purpose-driven individuals to add to our Florida team. The student candidate must be committed to listening to, learning, and understanding the needs of colleagues and customers, along with demonstrating an ability to learn things quickly and pay attention to detail.

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JOB TITLE: Summer Associate
CATEGORY: Temporary, Full-Time, Salary
LOCATION: Florida Office
REPORTING TO: Chief Operating Officer

Key Skill Requirements

The skills, accomplishments, and recommendations necessary to be considered for the Summer Associate Program include, but are not limited to:

  • An overall Grade Point Average of 3.5 or better
  • A recommendation letter from a professor or previous employer
  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and verbal communication skills
  • Goal-oriented, self-disciplined, and consistent in operating with a strong work-ethic
  • Commitment to listening to and understanding the needs of colleagues and customers
  • Demonstrated ability to learn new things quickly and pay close attention to detail
  • Excel in a team environment with a focus on supporting the mission of the Company


Loan Architecture & Investment Analysis

Candidates interested in the financial analysis should command strong modeling skills using Microsoft Excel and a general understanding of the core components of both debt and equity investments. Students majoring in Accounting, Finance, Economics, and other Business disciplines will be given priority consideration for this position. Summer Associates engaged in this role at NAC should be capable of performing high-level industry research and analysis. Additionally, a Summer Associate should expect to assist NAC Commercial Lenders and Loan Architects in various loan underwriting and packaging activities. A Summer Associate that performs well in this area of focus may be afforded the opportunity to develop and present complete investment summaries for review by NAC’s Investment Committee.

Marketing & Business Development Support

Candidates interested in marketing and business development support other should be able to adequately research, assess, and position NAC within its competitive market. Students majoring in Marketing and other Business disciplines will be given priority consideration for this assignment. In addition to experience with an understanding of traditional marketing, a Summer Associate should expect to carry out in-depth research by identifying specific target market opportunities and be prepared to structure content and template communications to execute digital marketing strategies. A Summer Associate that performs well in this area of focus will have the opportunity to contribute to and present long-term marketing strategies to members of the NAC Executive team.


Remain flexible, available, and enthusiastic regarding other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Actively participate in team and companywide meetings, engaging with colleagues in order to contribute to and support the development of the Company’s culture, values, and mission.

Understand and comply with NAC policy, laws, and regulations applicable to his or her job duties, including, but not limited to completing training, adhering to internal procedures and controls, reporting any known violations of laws or regulations, and reporting any suspicious customer and/or account activity.

Learn and maintain general familiarity with regulations set forth by the USDA and any other relevant supervisory authorities.