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USDA Rural Development Program.

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A Message from NAC CEO Joseph Rowell

Financing USDA Food Supply Chain Loans Nationwide

Putting food on Americans' tables requires more than farmers. It also requires processors and packagers, in locations both rural and urban. With that in mind, the USDA backs a guaranteed lending program for food supply chain participants of all varieties. Like the USDA's other three programs, it offers competitive financing and generous terms.

But unlike others, the USDA Food Supply Chain Loan Program has no USDA guarantee fee, has a $40 million maximum loan amount, and has no rural requirement.

A Nationally Recognized Leader in Rural Lending


Designed to help America "Build Back Better" with no rural constraint

The USDA Food Supply Chain loan was birthed as an antidote to the global supply chain issues wrought by the pandemic, the Build Back Better program removes the traditional rural mandate for food supply chain participants. Thanks to that concession, any business that contributes to putting food on Americans' tables can qualify – no geographical questions asked.


Meat, Poultry, and Seafood
Food Packagers
Cold Storage Facilities