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North Avenue Capital provides financing for wineries and vineyards nationwide through our Winery Loans.  Wine-makers require a unique set of skills to nurture a healthy business that will grow and produce in the future.  The beautiful methodology of making wine requires a lush blend of art and science, intricately weaved together to develop the intended taste, all the way to the last drop.  From the wine's blend and layered notes to aging and aeration time, each component must be perfectly balanced to create a vintage that’s sure to get better with time.  Cultivating these complexities requires an exceptional amount of planning, patience, and tenacity, forcing an owner to compromise quality while prioritizing the need to properly finance their business.  


North Avenue Capital is here to get you out of the books and back to your craft.  Our Winery Loan Experts come alongside you to understand your business, your market, your customers, and your needs, from grape to glass.  No wine is the same, so why should your loan be?  Trust North Avenue Capital to structure and service a loan that fits your unique taste.

Meet our Borrower, Hidden Lake Winery

Owners, Steve and Angela Gorazd, had over 30 years under their belt working for someone else before refusing to climb another rung of the corporate ladder. "As wine aficionados, my wife and I have visited wineries for many years and dreamed of one day being in the business ourselves." -Steve Gorazd

With North Avenue Capital, the Gorazds were able to do just that. 

“Hidden Lake Winery is a diamond in the rough. Steve and Angela saw an opportunity to rescue a business that had a strong foundation but needed a fresh start. NAC is grateful to be part of the Got Wine story and we look forward to seeing and tasting the fruits of their labor.”  -NAC Managing Director, Alex Louis 

Meet North Avenue Capital, Winery & Vineyard Loan Experts!

North Avenue Capital, LLC (NAC) is a specialized commercial lender committed to excellence in every aspect of the debt-financing process with a focus on partnership, communication, and execution.  

As one of the only lenders in the country exclusively focused on USDA Rural Development program, NAC uses its expertise, capital, and relationships to build businesses, grow local economies, and create jobs in rural America. 

Why Choose NAC as Your Lender? 

availability of capital 

NAC can lend up to $25 MM per project, substantially more than traditional financing sources focused on rural communities.  

Construction Perm Loans

NAC originates interest-only construction loans, saving borrowers from multiple closings and eliminating uncertainty, changes in terms, and equity calls. 

Early Stage business

NAC works with a diverse spectrum of companies, including start-ups, projection-based businesses, and niche industries that are often unable to obtain conventional debt. 

simplified loan structure

NAC specializes in consolidating multiple types of debt into a single loan structure, that is fully amortized, non-callable, with no balloon payments over time.

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