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Take Advantage of a Lending Partner that takes the Stress Out of Financing

Are you an owner of a Family Entertainment Center or are you looking to start one?  North Avenue Capital dedicates itself to visions just like yours!  You have been given the unique gift of creating fun, smiles, and memories to communities, and we are here to help fund that gift.  Our goal is to give you more time for creativity and less time worrying about your business finances.  From renovating your facilities to keep it fresh, safe and fun to adding technologically advanced equipment, NAC comes alongside business owners just like you to take the worry of financing off your to-do list.  

Whether you are a waterpark looking to add a wave pool,  or an amusement park looking to open the next biggest ride, our team of in-house experts are ready and willing to help you hit the ground running.  Our team of specifically dedicated loan officers and architects understand the unique challenges your business brings with it.  It is our goal to take the financial stress out of the equation so you have more time to spend on creativity, fun, and being the next big thing!

Our borrowers are accustomed to the confidence, expertise, and established relationships NAC offers.  We understand what it takes to start, build, and grow a business because we are a small business ourselves.  We provide Family Entertainment Center Loans for all types of growing businesses or start ups.  

Borrower Spotlight - Speedsportz Racing Park

Speedsportz Racing Park, an indoor go-kart race track just North of Houston, Texas, opened its doors in 2018 with the help of a USDA Business & Industry Loan from North Avenue Capital. Our Loan Officer and founder, Alex Louis, worked directly with the borrower to build terms around the company's needs; not only current need, but future needs too. Today, Speedsportz opens its doors every day, welcoming hundreds of speed-seekers.

"This is a dream come true for our team, with many years of planning and preparation leading to this pivotal moment..." Owner, Alan Rudolph speaks on his experience with NAC, "...I feel very fortunate that we found North Avenue."

Who is North Avenue Capital?

North Avenue Capital, LLC (NAC) is a specialized commercial lender committed to excellence in every aspect of the debt-financing process with a focus on partnership, communication, and execution.  

As one of the only non-traditional lenders in the country exclusively focused on USDA Rural Development programs, NAC uses its expertise, capital, and relationships to build businesses, grow local economies, and create jobs in rural America. 

Why Choose NAC as Your Lender? 

availability of capital 

NAC can lend up to $25MM per project, substantially more than traditional financing sources focused on rural communites.  

Construction Perm Loans

NAC originates interest-only construction loans, with preset conversions to permanent debt, saving borrowers from multiple closings and eliminating uncertainty, changes in terms, and equity calls. 

Early stage business

NAC works with a diverse spectrum of companies, including start-ups, projection based businesses, and niche industries that are often unable to obtain conventional debt. 

simplified loan structure

NAC specializes in consolidating multiple types of debt into a single loan structure, that is fully amortized, non-callable, with no balloon payments over time.

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  • *Be advised, we do not fund loans under $1,000,000

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