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The firefighters, police officers, and paramedics who keep America’s communities safe are among the most precious publicly funded resources our country offers. At the push of three buttons, help is dispatched to quench fires, calm disturbances, and perform expert medical care. In Rural America, their faces are familiar; their presence, routine.

But the buildings and infrastructure they rely on can be an outsize cost to rural municipalities as compared to their urban counterparts. That’s why the USDA has earmarked special funds within its Community Facilities Loan Program to help fund the resources required by Rural America’s public safety teams.

Funding the Tools that Keep Rural America Safe

Within the USDA’s Community Facilities Loan Program is the umbrella of “public safety,” a category comprised of a variety of essential buildings and infrastructure, including fire departments, police stations, and prisons. But “facilities” doesn’t mean buildings alone. Police vehicles, fire trucks, and public works vehicles and equipment can also make use of the competitively priced loans. If the protection of Americans requires a certain tool or building, chances are a Community Facilities Loan could fund it.


Public safety financing from NAC harnesses a government-guaranteed lending program called the USDA Community Facilities Loan Program. The competitive financing offers funding for projects that traditional banks often decline.

Public bodies, tribes on federal and state reservations, federally recognized tribes, and nonprofit organizations can all apply for USDA Community Facilities loans to obtain financing. 

USDA CF Loans can be used to construct or improve essential community services, including public safety equipment, health care facilities, utilities, education, etc. Public safety loans can be used to build or renovate fire stations and police stations, or to purchase fire trucks, police vehicles, or ambulances, to name a few. 

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Public safety is just the beginning.

The USDA’s Community Facilities Loan Program funds more than just rural public safety infrastructure, and unlike other loan programs from the USDA, the Community Facilities Loan is not designed for commercial undertakings. Rather, the funds are earmarked for facilities that provide essential services to rural communities. Such services can include healthcare, childcare, education, public gatherings, utilities, and food distribution, among others. If a community is in need of a certain facility, chances are a CF Loan could fund its construction or improvement.

Eligible Borrowers

Community Facilities

Public Bodies

Community Facilities

Indian Tribes on
Federal & State



Examples of Other Essential Community Facilities

& Hospitals

Fire, Rescue
& Public Safety

& Social

Bridges, Roads
& Airports


Dams, Levees
& Reservoirs


For expert advocacy in public safety financing, Look North.

The NAC team is comprised of savvy investors, experienced bankers, and creative marketers. Each brings a unique perspective to the table, empowering NAC to view each loan from multiple angles. We operate as a united front, working in tandem to offer our customers true partnership from engagement to close. For a true partner in securing funding for a public safety project, Look North.

Defining Rural:

97% of America

Our customers are often surprised to hear that we only lend to rural businesses — and even more surprised to discover they’ve actually been operating one. 97% of the geographic U.S. is considered rural. Find out if your address qualifies.

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