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Without food and beverage processing plants, fine dining would be unrecognizable. Backyard barbecues would be scarce. Fast-food restaurants would be non-existent. And the 1.7 million people who put food on their own families’ table by putting food on the tables of others would be forced to find employment elsewhere.

Food processing is a major industry in America – one whose operations straddle rural and urban, agriculture and industry. The output of America’s food manufacturing, processing, and packaging professionals is served on tables blocks away and in restaurants continents apart. To put it simply, food processing is an American mainstay. And the USDA is determined to keep it that way.


Food Processing Loans through the USDA Business & Industry Loan Program

Eligible Loan Types for Food Manufacturers


Business Conversion


Ground Up Construction

Machinery & Equipment

Real Estate Purchase



USDA SBA Combination

Working Capital

Whether you produce meat or muffins, the USDA has your back.

Putting food on Americans’ tables requires more than farmers. It also requires processors and packagers. With that in mind, the USDA offers government-guaranteed loans for food supply chain participants of all varieties. Like the USDA’s other programs, B&I loans offer competitive financing and generous terms. But unlike the others, it covers the broadest range of qualifying business industries.

The NAC team is comprised of savvy investors, experienced bankers, and creative marketers. Each brings a unique perspective to the table, empowering NAC to view each loan from multiple angles. We operate as a united front, working in tandem to offer our customers true partnership from engagement to close. For a true partner in securing funding for a food manufacturing project, Look North.

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The Great American Penchant for Protein

Satisfying Americans’ love for meat is 9 billion chickens, 32 million cattle, and 241 million turkeys. Chicken is by far and away our country’s most popular meat by any standard. Processing all this protein is a group of more than 500,000 people who raise, trim, pack, and distribute the most prominent “mains” on American tables. That sizable workforce is just one of the reasons the USDA offers special funding to support the operations of those who put food on our tables.

Why Choose North Avenue Capital?

Availability of Capital

As a rural business, you could qualify for up to $25 million in funding per project – substantially more than is available through traditional lenders.

Interest-Only Options

NAC’s interest-only construction loans free borrowers from redundant closings while reducing uncertainty, shifting terms, and equity calls.


NAC partners with businesses of all varieties, including well-established corporations, startup enterprises, and everything in between.

Simplified Structure

NAC can consolidate multiple types of debt into a single, amortized, non-callable, balloon-payment-free loan structure.