Winery & Vineyard Loans

Flexible Lending Options

for Wineries and Vineyards

More than 10,000 varieties of grapes exist on our green earth. Each of them features its own distinct attributes – textures, flavor profiles, and characteristics.

For winemakers who plant them, harvest them, and turn their juices into refined beverages, funding a winery or vineyard can be as complex as some of the world’s most prized vintages.

At North Avenue Capital, our rural lending experts have winery and vineyard funding down to a science. While traditional lenders are often unfamiliar with the rural locations occupied by the country’s leading winemakers, NAC knows them well. As you serve your best in homes and restaurants around the world, our lending specialists are standing by to serve you.


Winery & Vineyard Loans through the USDA Business & Industry Loan Program

Eligible Loan Types for Wineries & Vineyards


Business Conversion


Ground Up Construction

Machinery & Equipment

Real Estate Purchase



USDA SBA Combination

Working Capital

What Can a USDA Business Loan Do for Your Winery?

  • Purchase Equipment & Fixtures Increase your output by upgrading your equipment.
  • Refinance Existing Debt Increase your margins by lowering your interest payments.
  • Expand Your Facility Ramp up production by increasing your production space.
  • Upgrade Your Packaging Give your brand a boost by finessing your bottling and labeling.
  • Hire New Employees Attract the talent you need and keep the talent you have.
  • Marketing & Advertising Expand your brand’s awareness with new marketing efforts.

Borrower Spotlight

Hidden Lake Winery

Owners, Steve and Angela Gorazd, had more than 30 years under their belt working for someone else before refusing to climb another rung of the corporate ladder. Steve explained, “As wine aficionados, my wife and I have visited wineries for many years and dreamed of one day being in the business ourselves.”

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Lending Solutions for Wineries and Vineyards


For many, purchasing a winery or vineyard represents the culmination of a lifelong dream. But it also comes with unique challenges for financing. Our rural lending experts will help you evaluate specialized funding opportunities especially well-suited for wineries and vineyards.


Fulfill your dream of launching a winery or vineyard without compromising on the rates or terms of your financing. Your winery could qualify for specialty construction funds from NAC and the USDA.


The equipment required to maintain a thriving vineyard or winery can be expensive to acquire and maintain. A USDA-backed loan could cover the purchase of vital equipment used for growing, harvesting, or bottling your offerings.


If your original winery or vineyard loan wasn’t a government-guaranteed USDA loan, you could qualify for lower rates and better terms when you refinance with North Avenue Capital.

Why Choose North Avenue Capital?

Availability of Capital

As a rural business, you could qualify for up to $25 million in funding per project – substantially more than is available through traditional lenders.

Interest-Only Options

NAC’s interest-only construction loans free borrowers from redundant closings while reducing uncertainty, shifting terms, and equity calls.


NAC partners with businesses of all varieties, including well-established corporations, startup enterprises, and everything in between.

Simplified Structure

NAC can consolidate multiple types of debt into a single, amortized, non-callable, balloon-payment-free loan structure.