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You can’t keep a surprise trip to a theme park a secret for long. As the family car approaches, the signs of thrill are both visual and audible. If the roller coasters or water slides dotting the skyline don’t instantly give it away, the sounds of joyful screams most certainly do.

Family entertainment centers play host to meaningful memories for kids and adults of all ages. Yet the effortless bonds they enable are by no means effortless to create. The unique infrastructure and expansive land required to launch a theme park or entertainment complex are considerable investments. Luckily, many family entertainment destinations occupy rural locations, which unlock competitively priced funding from the USDA — and knowledgable support by NAC’s team of rural lending experts.


Family Entertainment Loans through the USDA Business & Industry Loan Program

Eligible Loan Types for Family Entertainment Centers


Business Conversion


Ground Up Construction

Machinery & Equipment

Real Estate Purchase



USDA SBA Combination

Working Capital

What USDA-Backed Funding Could Do for Your Business

  • Purchase Equipment & Fixtures Improve your customer experience by upgrading your amenities.
  • Refinance Existing Debt Increase your margins by lowering your interest payments.
  • Hire New Employees Attract the talent you need and keep the talent you have.
  • Marketing & Advertising Expand your brand’s awareness with new marketing efforts.

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Lending Solutions for Family Entertainment Centers

Existing Business Acquisition

Complete your purchase of an existing family entertainment center with the help of the USDA’s government-guaranteed lending program.

Ride & Facility Construction

Break ground on new crowd-pleasing rides, amenities, restaurants, and facilities without breaking the bank.

Land Purchase

Expand your theme park by purchasing land with the help of competitive funding from NAC and the USDA.


Lower the fiscal burden of high-interest loans and consolidate your business’s complex arrangements into a single, competitively priced, government-guaranteed loan backed by the USDA.

Working Capital

Secure the funds you need to keep your family entertainment center churning. USDA Business & Industry funds can be used as working capital for qualifying institutions.

Why Choose North Avenue Capital?

Availability of Capital

As a rural business, you could qualify for up to $25 million in funding per project – substantially more than is available through traditional lenders.

Interest-Only Options

NAC’s interest-only construction loans free borrowers from redundant closings while reducing uncertainty, shifting terms, and equity calls.


NAC partners with businesses of all varieties, including well-established corporations, startup enterprises, and everything in between.

Simplified Structure

NAC can consolidate multiple types of debt into a single, amortized, non-callable, balloon-payment-free loan structure.