Funding the Flourishing of

Rural America

Our Mission

We Provide Capital

to Empower American Business Growth.

Our Mission

NAC exists to honor God

through excellence, integrity, and growth as stewards of capital, influence, and people.

Our Expertise

NAC’s team brings a wide range of expertise across private equity, commercial and community banking, private and public commercial real estate, financial planning, hedge fund management, manufacturing, engineering, and more.

We are entrepreneurs well-versed in the intricacies of launching, growing, and operating a business, and we relish opportunities to serve our fellow entrepreneurs.

NAC is uniquely suited to delve deeply into your business, understand your key objectives, and assist in preparing a USDA financing package that equips you to execute your strategy for growth and expansion.

But more important than our experience is our genuine interest in partnering with you to build your business, create jobs, and identify opportunities to improve the economic environment for tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and the communities they uphold.

Our consultative approach to lending brings an unrelenting commitment to excellence in communication and execution, laying the groundwork for long-term relationships. North Avenue Capital is not interested in merely engaging in financial transactions; we are in business to serve people.

Our Driving Values


From communication to execution, NAC is committed to excellence in every aspect of serving you and your business.


NAC strives to raise the standard and lead those around us to learn, grow, and step into the absolute best God has for them.


NAC understands the challenges you face because we, too, are entrepreneurs and have fought hard to break new ground and blaze new trails.


You’ve invested so much in your business and NAC believes your sacrifices deserve the honor of a partner that operates with the utmost integrity.


Every step of every deal presents NAC with the opportunity and responsibility to be wise and prudent stewards of time, talent, and treasure.


None of us can afford to settle for the status quo and NAC is excited to join you in creating something innovative and dynamic.


At NAC, we don’t just work together;

we thrive together as a unified front.

From the initial engagement to the final closing, our team operates in harmony to deliver a level of excellence that sets us apart. Our team is committed to guiding you through your financial journey, offering valuable insights and personalized solutions along the way. We look forward to partnering with you to achieve your financial goals and turn your business visions into realities.


Why Choose NAC as your Lender

Nationwide Reach

NAC is not limited by geographic location like many rural-oriented financial institutions and can partner on projects in all 50 states.

Availability of Capital

NAC can lend up to $25 million per project, substantially more than traditional financing sources focused on rural communities.

Expanded Capital

NAC includes inventory, accounts receivable, and equipment as collateral, allowing access to greater amounts of debt than conventional loans collateralized exclusively by real estate.

Simplified Loan Structure

NAC specializes in consolidating multiple types of debt into a single loan structure that is fully amortized, non-callable, with no balloon payments over time.

Amortized Working Capital

NAC loans amortize working capital fully over the average lifespan of the loan’s collateral, lowering overall loan payments and eliminating the potential of a non-renewal.

Early Stage Businesses

NAC works with a diverse spectrum of companies, including startups, projection-based businesses, and niche industries that are often unable to obtain conventional debt.

Assumable Loan Terms

New owners can assume NAC loans, increasing exit valuations and making a business far more attractive to potential acquirers.

No SBA Limitations

NAC loans are not limited by SBA caps, which prohibit a borrower from receiving more than $5 million in financing across all projects.

Construction Perm Loans

NAC originates interest-only construction loans, with preset conversions to permanent debt, saving borrowers from multiple closings and eliminating uncertainty, changes in terms, and equity calls.

We’re Business Owners, Too.

NAC has experience starting, building, and operating successful businesses across multiple industries and is committed to forming lasting partnerships, not just closing loans.

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