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Deerfield Ranch Winery


California - June 2021 –

Sonoma Valley is one of America’s most prestigious regions – an epicenter of American winemaking and a sought-after destination for the wine aficionados who visit from around the world. 


As such, it came as a surprise to the owners of Deerfield Ranch Winery that their 26.4-acre property located along the famed Sonoma Highway in Kenwood, California, fit the USDA’s definition of “rural.” But qualify it did, and a new chapter of Deerfield’s story was written as a result. 


Founded on July 9, 1999, Deerfield Ranch Winery harvests from 7.5 acres of grapes to annually produce 24 varieties and 45,000 cases of critically acclaimed wines. Known for its “Clean Wine®” brand, Deerfield’s organically produced products are low in histamines and sulfites, offering customers a sipping experience free from the concern of “red wine headaches” and other allergic reactions common among connoisseurs.

The family owned-and-operated business will use the $10 million USDA-guaranteed loan to refinance existing debt and provide essential working capital as it seeks to create more jobs in support of the growth the winery is experiencing.


As NAC Vice President Jason Hoerr explains, Deerfield’s story is a prime example of the wide reach of the USDA Business & Industry Loan Program: “Deerfield Ranch Winery is a successful family-owned business located in one of America’s most familiar regions. Yet like 95% of the geographic United States, their address qualified them for competitive financing from the USDA.”


Thanks to the public-private partnership between NAC and the USDA, one of Sonoma County’s most beloved winemakers is poised to meet the market’s growing demand for clean wine with affordable, long-term financing in hand