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Silver Spur Resort | NAC Story

Texas: July 2021 

Sixty miles east of Dallas, a 36-acre resort welcomes guests from throughout Texas and beyond, hosting wedding parties, team retreats, and family reunions on its full-service, well-appointed grounds. Positioned as “Ranch Life with a Luxury Flair,” Silver Spur Resort features a myriad of accommodations options, event spaces, family-friendly recreational outlets, campgrounds, restaurants, a day spa, and more.


Located in Canton, a Texas town best known for its “First Monday Trade Days,” Silver Spur Resort acts as a consistent tourist draw for the party guests, retreat-goers, and spa customers it serves. Occupying a town of less than 4,000, the business also acts as an essential employer to the 35 Canton residents who maintain its grounds, serve its guests, prepare its venues, and handle its many reservations.

When Silver Spur’s market-savvy management sought fresh funding to pay off construction loans, refinance existing debt, and purchase equipment and accessories for the fully furnished resort, its rural location left traditional lenders on the sidelines, opening the door for a USDA Business & Industry loan to take it to the next level.


Working closely with the USDA, the North Avenue Capital team provided a government-guaranteed loan to equip Silver Spur with the capital it needed to build upon its legacy as a leader of both quality accommodations and entertainment for guests and fulfilling employment and career opportunities for its residents.


NAC Vice President Jason Hoerr explained, “The number of community needs being met by Silver Spur Resort is truly impressive. The management team, employees, and customers make it an essential business to Canton and the surrounding economy, while its beautifully rural location made it a no-brainer for funding from the USDA B&I program.”







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