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What to Know About Asset-Based Lending

Asset-based loans are a great option for a business that is seeking ways to access capital, especially if they may not qualify for a traditional loan. If you have fixed assets, you can qualify for an asset-based loan that can give your business the resources it needs to grow. North Avenue Capital is one of the premier asset-based lenders that can work with you to find a solution that fits your needs.

Who Are Asset-Based Loans Best Suitable For?

Small and medium-sized businesses, especially those in rural markets or those with less than stellar credit, are the best candidates for asset-based loans since they may not have full access to the traditional lending market.

What Are Some Advantages of Asset-Based Loans?

Because the loan is backed by tangible assets, a business may be more likely to be approved for a loan since there is less risk for the lender. In addition, lenders such as North Avenue Capital can help devise flexible solutions that meet your particular needs.

What Are Hard Assets That Can Be Used?

Assets that can be used to secure an asset-based loan include real estate, machinery, equipment, inventory, and other fixed assets. The loan is backed (collateralized) by these assets, so if there is a default, the lender will take possession.

Asset-Based Lending from North Avenue Capital (NAC) provides borrowers with the opportunity for financing no matter the situation.  Whether it is a start-up, acquisition, refinance, or new construction, NAC comes alongside our borrowers to look at their financial needs with potential. 

North Avenue Capital specializes in asset-based lending through the USDA Business and Industry Loan program and is one of the few lenders in the country that focuses exclusively on this program.

Goal of Program

NAC's Asset-Based Lending helps create jobs & stimulate rural economies by providing financial backing for businesses and properties outside of major metro areas. 

Build Business.  Grow communities. Strengthen ecomonies. 

Businesses That Qualify


Federally-Recognized Tribes

For-Profit Business



Public Bodies

Loans Available $1MM to $25MM

An Asset-Based Loan through North Avenue Capital require our Borrowers to need a minimum of $1MM financing and no more than $25MM.

What is an Eligible Area?

Business headquarters located in city/towns with a population of less than 50,000 qualify as Rural America.

Did you know rural America makes up nearly 97% of the land in the US? 

*White areas are eligible areas for a USDA B&I Loans. Shaded areas are ineligible areas for USDA B&I Loans 

What Sets an NAC Asset-Based Loan Apart?

The team at NAC has a track record of successfully closing loans across various industries.  Creating a borrower experience unmatched by any other, NAC sets out to back our borrower's loans with enough collateral to prevent both parties of being at risk.  We offer competitive interest rates, flexible terms, and calculate based on discounted collateral. 

Interest Rates

NAC has the opportunity to offer competitive rates negotiated between the borrower and the lender pegged to the Market Prime Rate upon loan close. Rates may be fixed or variable.

Flexible Terms

Because NAC is a non-traditional, private lender, we have the oppotunity to provide our borrowers with the terms that fit their financial needs.  

Types of Collateral

Real Estate (Personal & Business)



Working Capital

Other Fixed Assets

Ready to see if You Qualify for an Asset-Based Loan from NAC?  

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  • *Be advised, we do not fund loans under $500,000