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Affiliate Program

by North Avenue Capital


Join NAC, the nation's exclusive USDA B&I Lender, to help grow businesses & create jobs in rural areas of the United States and territories. Let's help build America's rural economy together. 

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Start referring potential project opportunities to NAC today to get them pre-qualified for the USDA B&I Program, REAP Programs, and more.  Loan Amounts from $1MM to $25MM. 


Earn incremental income by leveraging established relationships within your existing client baes to earn incremental fee income on closed loans made to your clients and prospects. 

Who is NAC?

North Avenue Capital, LLC (NAC) is a Specialized Commercial Lender committed to excellence in every aspect of the debt-financing process with a focus on partnership, communication, and execution.  

As one of the only non-traditional lenders in the country exclusively focused on USDA Rural Development programs, NAC uses its expertise, capital, and relationships to build businesses, grow local economies, and create jobs in rural America. 

NAC Affiliate Program

With NAC financing, partners can offer clients access to debt financing at better terms than traditional community banks.  We are actively seeking to expand our Affiliate Program.  

One-Stop Shop for Clients 

Enhance your reputation and increase client satisfaction by providing a one-stop shop for clients seeking all-in-one solutions with your company. 

COmplete Advisory Services

Deliver comprehensive advisory services, enabling your clients to steward their capital effectively. 

Competitive advantage for clients

Give your clients a competitive advantage by providing access to unique and attractive financing opportunites to grow their business.

Types of Qualifying Loans

Loan Purpose: Start-Up, Purchase, Refinance, Acquisition

Loans Between: $1MM-$25MM

Interest Rate: Prime + 2.5%

Property Types: Rural Commercial Business

Commission Based Referral

Commission is awarded when a USDA B&I Loan closes

Upon close, Affiliate is awarded 50BPS upon the closed loan amount

Example: $10,000,000 Loan would receive $50,000 in referral payout

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