Nick Swanda

Nick Swanda joined North Avenue Capital in November 2019 as Operations Specialist in the Ponte Vedra, Florida office, and was promoted to Operations Manager in 2021. In early 2023, he was promoted again to Assistant Vice President and Operations Manager. Nick specializes in optimizing operational processes, vendor management, administrative support, regulatory compliance, event planning, and procurement. Nick works closely with the Executive and Operations teams, providing support in a myriad of areas to help increase efficiency and effectiveness. Nick is responsible for construction project management and also discovering innovative technologies that help drive change.

Prior to joining NAC, Nick worked as Claims Specialist at the Chapter 13 U.S. Trustee’s Office in Jacksonville, Florida. He was responsible for ensuring the initial phase of the bankruptcy process was completed, laying the integral foundation upon which his colleagues built and administered their cases.

Nick also serves as the Executive Director of Operations for the All Nations Soccer League. He is responsible for all game-day operations including match and referee scheduling, league registration, referee training, volunteer coordination, scorekeeping, ministry coordination, and marketing.

In addition, Nick is the Founder and Director of Oway FC, a local football club with high aspirations of entering the professional soccer system in the U.S.

When Nick is not in the office or on the pitch, he enjoys spending time with his wife, Katie. Nick is the oldest of 13 children, including seven biological and six adopted (from Ethiopia, Ghana, and China), so his family is a significant priority and commands a lot of his time.