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The Pickleball Club | Florida | 2022

Ace. Chop. Dink shot. Falafel.

If the words above mean little to you today, just wait a few months. The conversation at hand is pickleball, and if you haven’t caught wind of it yet, you will soon.

Few trends have taken the sports world by storm like pickleball has over the last two years; few observers have been more perceptive of the trend than the proprietors behind a 33,433-square-foot facility at Sarasota, Florida’s Lakewood Ranch. The Pickleball Club, or TPC for short, will provide the residents of Sarasota with 12 indoor pickleball courts, two outdoor courts, an outdoor activity area, and locker rooms. 

A premier, membership-based facility, TPC @ Lakewood Ranch will be met with open arms by the area’s growing droves of pickleball players. Luckily for its proprietors and players, the warm welcome was matched by the USDA, whose Business & Industry Program will back $8.8 million in competitive funding through North Avenue Capital (NAC), thanks to the ranch’s “rural” location. 

“TPC’s Sarasota location is a perfect example of one that many would assume falls outside of the USDA’s ‘rural’ classification. Yet, like 97% of the U.S., the project’s surrounding population size falls squarely within the program’s bounds,” NAC Market President Jason Hoerr said.