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Borrower Story: HD Hospitality

With more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Harry Vaidya has worked in nearly every position that exists in the operation of a hotel. With this experience, Harry is uniquely qualified to develop a new Comfort Inn coming soon to White House, Tennessee.

Construction has started on this 60-room hotel, just 20 miles north of Nashville. It is strategically positioned along the busy I-65 corridor that connects Nashville, Tennessee to Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Eric Johnson, President of North Avenue Capital, commented on the project,

“Harry has direct experience in the industry and this market. He knows his customer, and he has a track record of successfully developing and operating a hotel. NAC is proud to help Harry hoist this Choice Hotel flag.”

Comfort Inn White House is set to open in early summer of 2018. It will be the newest interior-corridor hotel by more than 10 years. In addition to Choice’s most current design, the property will offer an indoor pool and a state-of-the-art fitness room.

Harry’s tremendous experience set and vision for growth, paired well with the USDA loan provided by NAC. With his capital stack rounded out, it was time to break ground and write the next chapter of his American tale.

Eric added,

“Harry is all in. He is so deeply invested in the White House community. He has put a meaningful amount of financial and sweat equity into this project and is helping put Americans to work. He’s just the type of entrepreneur that NAC is excited to support.”

Given Harry’s past experience and the promising future of this project, Comfort Inn White House won’t be Harry’s last project. North Avenue Capital looks forward to the development of a long-term partnership.

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