More than a slogan: How North Avenue Capital Became America’s Rural Lender

North Avenue Capital touts itself as “America’s Rural Lender,” but that’s not just a clever tagline. It’s a title that the Northeast Florida based lender has earned due to its noteworthy accomplishments and contributions in rural lending. 

NAC is dedicated to supporting rural communities and businesses through its unique focus on USDA Rural Development Loans (USDA OneRD). This USDA OneRD Loan Program is a government-guaranteed lending program designed to benefit businesses and entities in rural communities. The firm actively lends to three OneRD programs: USDA Business & Industry Loan Program (USDA B&I), USDA Community Facilities Loan Program (USDA CF), and USDA Rural Energy for America Program (USDA REAP).

For four consecutive years, North Avenue Capital has ranked as one of the top four commercial lenders in the USDA OneRD space. In those four years, NAC has been named the #1 lender for USDA B&I Loans twice. The company was second overall in USDA Rural Development loan production for 2023. In turn, NAC fully expects 2024 to be another promising year.

What do these rankings mean? NAC consistently lends more money to rural businesses than its competitors. These remarkable achievements highlight NAC’s unwavering commitment to rural America. After all, rural businesses are choosing NAC more often than other USDA lenders. 

Let’s delve into the three key factors that set North Avenue Capital apart and see why it deserves to be called America’s Rural Lender.

1. Exclusive Focus on USDA Rural Development Loans:

NAC exclusively and specifically focuses on one type of loan program: the USDA Rural Development Loan Program. These loans are designed to empower rural businesses and communities by providing them with much-needed capital to spur growth, create jobs, and improve local economies. By specializing in these loans, NAC has honed its expertise to become a trusted partner for rural borrowers seeking financial assistance.

2. Nationwide Reach for USDA Business Loans:

NAC’s commitment to rural areas extends nationwide. While many lenders might limit their scope to specific regions or industries, NAC’s focus on USDA Business Loans spans the entire United States. This expansive reach ensures that rural businesses across the country have access to the capital they need to thrive. NAC’s dedication to rural America knows no geographical bounds.

3. Named Top USDA B&I Lender Twice:

North Avenue Capital was named the #1 USDA Business & Industry Lender in 2020 and then again in 2023. In those two years, NAC pumped more funds into rural businesses nationwide through the USDA B&I program than any other commercial lender. These kinds of achievements are a direct result of the outstanding expert team NAC has assembled. The company’s consistent performance shows the level of commitment the team has to help rural businesses succeed, and the communities they serve thrive. 

Understanding America’s Rural Lender

North Avenue Capital’s dedication to rural America makes its title as “America’s Rural Lender” well-earned. Its exclusive focus on USDA Rural Development Loans, nationwide reach for USDA Business Loans, and two-time recognition as the #1 USDA B&I Lender underscores NAC’s dedication to rural communities and businesses across the U.S.

As NAC continues to support economic growth and revitalization in rural areas, its reputation as a trusted partner and lender will undoubtedly grow, solidifying its status as America’s premier rural lending expert. Find out for yourself why rural businesses nationwide continue to choose North Avenue Capital.

*Information in this blog article updated February 2024 based on October 2023 USDA Guidelines.

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