USDA-Backed Loans Help Improve Rural Healthcare

Now more than ever, we need quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare. In the last two years, we’ve seen how vital the role of healthcare professionals is as they fought COVID-19. The pandemic revealed problems and broken parts in our healthcare system and infrastructure, the importance of healthcare, and the scarcity of healthcare workers.

These problems can be even worse in more rural parts of America as the resources and infrastructure needed to combat serious illnesses are severely lacking.

Funding for the construction and operation of healthcare facilities, hospitals, and pharmacies is a complex endeavor with massive implications – this is where USDA-backed loans come in.

North Avenue Capital (NAC) specializes in USDA-backed loans to rural America and understands the unique challenges and opportunities that developers face when proposing healthcare initiatives. Those in rural America planning a healthcare project face additional scrutiny from traditional lenders, which often ends in the rejection of their proposed ideas.

Currently, the healthcare sector accounts for 18% American GDP with room to expand.

NAC can provide loans to healthcare projects starting at $2 million and is honored to contribute to the vital need for healthcare around America.

The types of healthcare loans NAC can provide funds for include:

  • Hospital Construction
  • Pharmacy Construction
  • Pharmaceutical Facilities
  • Business/Asset Acquisitions
  • Working Capital
  • Refinancing
  • Debt Consolidation

Due to COVID-19, USDA Rural Development has taken immediate actions to help rural residents, businesses, and communities affected by the virus, including key service changes to increase the use of telehealth in response to the pandemic. The changes are to help ensure that more rural residents can access care when and where they need it and find new ways to support healthcare providers as they increase or transition to virtual care services.

Looking to Apply for a USDA Business Loan?

It’s no secret, businesses of all kinds took a hit during the pandemic. Because of this, it’s extremely important that our healthcare facilities are prepared with staff and supplies to care properly for patients.

At NAC, we can offer small business healthcare loans for healthcare projects, supplies, construction, and more.

We are here to help your healthcare business continue to succeed, and we will work with you throughout the loan application process. Contact NAC to find out about our small business loan requirements.

Our USDA loan officers at North Avenue Capital, LLC (NAC) will determine if these USDA loans are right for your financing needs and if you are eligible.

At NAC, we provide capital to empower American business and healthcare growth. We are uniquely positioned to dive deep into your business, develop an understanding of your key objectives, and assist in preparing a USDA financing package that executes on your vision for growth and expansion for a healthcare project or need.

NAC possesses a genuine interest in partnering with you to enhance your business, create jobs in local communities, and identify opportunities to improve environmental conditions for the next generation of entrepreneurs.

We have experience starting, building, and operating successful businesses across multiple industries and are committed to forming lasting partnerships, not just closing loans.
Are you ready to work with one of our USDA business loan specialists?

Visit our USDA business loan page to learn more or call us at 8665264950 with any USDA business loan questions or to determine your USDA business loan eligibility.

We have office locations in Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, and Florida, but we are not limited by geographic location like many rural-oriented financial institutions and can partner on projects in all 50 states.

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